Sunday, July 1, 2018

WeWriWar 251: Demon Soul

Welcome to a new excerpt of DEMON SOUL for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday
Sorry guys I haven't participated in two months. Let's say that things were a bit complicated in my head, I mean more than usual, not sure if that'll ever stop though.

Brownie is a normal girl, or so she thinks. She likes to chat with her sisters about random things, she likes fashion and she is member of the fashion club at school. But one day, as her little brother gets really sick because of a curse placed on him, she meets this really strange guy who cures him absorbing the baby's sickness within himself. As he is about to fall from his new acquired fever, Brownie sees Yue's soul and immediately falls in love with him. But Yue is not a human, Yue is a demon.
Brownie and Yue will built their love story until....

Until Yue's soul is stolen. There is nothing left of their love. The purple light dancing in Yue's grey eyes is gone. Forever? Not quite. Brownie is desperate to find it back. And to get a soul stolen by demons, she needs to go deep into dark magic! But Brownie is not a witch, she is just looking for a spell powerful enough to bring her love back. When an amateur starts playing with strong magic without preparation and without caring for the consequences, things turn wrong...

Let's start right where we left off

"Sweet dreams," she muttered and she left the room and walked toward the library once again.

She had read many books in here over the past few weeks without finding anything reliable enough or powerful enough for her purpose. She could have missed something but there were so much more she could read that she preferred not to think about doing it all over again.
She walked to the second floor in the demon section of the library. She didn't know if she should feel lucky about having her mum bringing so many strange books back from her travel all the time.
Cooking for Demons, Demonic Proverbs, Demon Diseases, she took that one.
One more of the kind, she thought.
She already knew how to cure demon's earache, headache, backache, wings ache, flu, cold and the list seemed to extend indefinitely...

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  1. I have to admit that I chuckled over this phrase: "the demon section of the library."

    1. Strange what you can find in books these days. ;)

  2. Quite the library! :-) I wonder what the story is on her mom--where did she travel to, bringing back such books? :-) Good snippet!

  3. Interesting library! I'm intrigued to know more.

  4. Love your cover, by the way. Enjoyed the details about the library, great snippet!

  5. Not like any of the libraries round here! Interesting snippet, I hope the book helps her.

  6. I want to visit that library. (I love the book titles!)

  7. I am with everyone else on this... I love the section of the library and the book titles. Would love to read them, especially Cooking for Demons :)

  8. Her mother must have some amazing adventures! Great snippet, I hope this book has what she needs.