Sunday, December 3, 2017

WeWriWar 232: Demon Soul

Welcome to a new excerpt for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.
A few days ago, I received the mock up covers for Demon Soul from We Got You Covered
The first one was brilliant but there was something not too Demon Soul about it so I asked for a little change and I got three more options to chose from. They were all amazing.
I finally decided for the one I like and the process started for the final version. I should be able to have a cover reveal next week if everything goes as planned. 


Let's start right were we left off last week

Brownie sighed deeply and dried her tears; Yue was just an empty shell. She had read so much lately that her way of thinking had changed. 
But even if Yue was just a shell, his soul was still here somewhere in this world or another and wherever it was she was going to find it. Her new knowledge tortured her; she imagined his soul in the worst possible places. She had nightmares for weeks, she dreamed with open eyes barely noticing the world around her and she woke up at night covered in cold sweat. She needed to find Yue's soul back and to protect it, no matter what it took. Nobody would ever care for a demon's soul but her. She saw it and now it was her responsibility.

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  1. Interesting snippet of this new story :-)

  2. Very enjoyable snippet, it portrays her emotional state very well. Cam't wait to see the new cover!

  3. You've got me wondering what her relationship with Yue is. Why does she want to rescue a demon's soul? How can she be so sure demons even have souls? Lots of good readerly questions here!

  4. You've got me asking questions and wanting to turn the page to find the answers. Good job.