Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NaNoWriMo Vlog Day 7: On Brainstorming and Write or Die (with video)

Today I had a very slow start so I decided to use one of my little tricks to get those words done.
I opened Write or Die and Wrote like a maniac because I didn't want to die. ;)
Write or die is an online page where you have to write or consequences. You can chose your amount of words and time for free or you can pay for the upgraded version. Personally, I use the free version, it totally does the work of tricking me into writing a lot of words really fast.
You can check it out and try for yourself here:

Today I also talked with a friend and sort of brainstorm her story and it made me think about brainstorming for writer in general as I see it happen a lot in writing groups. I like to brainstorm for other but I would totally hate to have someone infusing ideas in my stories so in this video, I explain why.

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