Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 133

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

He seemed diminished even more when he sat back pressing his back on the chair and curving his head down. Brownie could see that he hated his state even more in front of this demon. It was the one with the big horn who had come to take Kion away earlier. It was followed by two others that she had never seen before, all of them with huge horns.
The demons lined up looking at the level of their eyes straight in front of them. They didn’t seem to be willing to move, they were scared and if they were scared Brownie felt that she should have been scared too but for some reason she was just happy to have the master moving away from her.
“I was the one telling you to bring her in, I have the right to see my prisoner”, the master said.
He was the one unafraid, ready to accept his fate no matter what it was. He had been ready since he had risen from the dead. The first demon grabbed one of the other by the throat and pulled him up. The demon struggled a little bit but his efforts were vain. His arms felt back along his lifeless body few second before the demon with long hair let him fall on the floor.
“Clean that up”, he said.
“And take the master out of here”, the demon behind him added.
“She is mine”, the master answered.
The other walked toward Brownie as the master was taken outside repeating that she was his. Brownie was looking at him, she wanted to get out too, she was following the master as he went away.
“So now that we have a little of privacy, we will be able to talk” the demon with long hair said pulling out his glasses, it took some time to Brownie before noticing that he was only wearing frames. Demons didn’t need glasses, if they ever needed some they wouldn’t live long enough to wear them. He didn’t seem to be the most dangerous of them but she could have think that if it wasn’t for the huge horns on his head or for the demon he had just killed for no apparent reasons in front of her eyes.
“We need something from you and we have something that you want, what about making a little exchange”, he said.
It seemed to Brownie that it was the day of bad bargain. She had just heard the exact same thing from the master, everyone seem to have something she needed but after all they didn’t need to give anything to her, once she had answered they could just kill her straight away.
“She doesn’t believe you”, Kion said in his corner.

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