Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vlog #73 Miu unicorns: Azone store trip and boxes opening (with video)

Today I went to pick up the Miu Unicorns Excute at the azone store.
There are two of them, the very limited blue unicorn and the moderately limited mint unicorn.
They are basically the same except for the hair color.
I also wanted to get 2 more of the blue unicorn for friends, unfortunately, they only allowed two dolls per person.
I couldn't take any pictures at the store because it was only opened for those two dolls, people wanting other items actually waited outside to be allowed in. One thing that was really strange today was that I could get my doll before 11am. The sell was supposed to open at 11am but instead they started to let people in before I arrived. I arrived around 10:35am and there was no cue in the stairs as they usually do, instead we had to go back and forth between the product. I spend so much time queuing that I really wanted to buy some doll clothes but I didn't want to queue again to be allowed at the store.
I said on the video that I will have the reviews of the dolls up tomorrow but in fact, something came up and I'll have to go back to the azone store. That will be a surprise for you.

I also went to the new Amiami store in Radio Kaikan but it was super crowded and I couldn't vlog to I'll try that again tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a little better event though probably not because of the long weekend here in Japan.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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