Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 127

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

Most of the time he was hungry after church and his mother wouldn’t stop talking and talking about the neighbor to someone then about that someone to the next person and so on until everyone from the village had finally been gossiped about. Didn’t they know that, didn’t they know that no one in here had ever been trustful with anyone else? And today was the result of it. They weren’t going to church to pray to god, they were going there because of their own sinful behavior that had lead the best of them to the end of the devil. They were finally, all of them showing their true colors and their own madness. He looked at them all entering the church and then he heard the clamors as the girls were brought before them. It wasn’t sympathizing words, even though their own daughters were to be judge, it was words of folly. 
 He had tried to save them. He had waited days and night near the prison to be able to see them, only hearing their cries of despair as they were tortured. He had waited until finally one evening, thee door hadn’t been locked properly. The guardians had been brought some wine and most of them were shouting in the street some of them sleeping on the prison’s floor and chairs. He had sneaked in, he had found the keys, he had walked in and almost opened her door but that was the moment when he had been caught. There was only one of them that he wanted to same. Of course he would have liberated all of them but there was one for whom he had planned everything carefully once she was to get out, one that didn’t deserve to die, one that he couldn’t live without. He had turned around feeling a heavy hand on his shoulder and he was there, the same he had seen in his dreams so many times, the one he thought he had killed, the priest. The priest was smiling gently but that wouldn’t hide his hideous heart to Sahel’s eyes. He took him away from the door without a word and too the keys out of his hand. He was strong, so strong, Sahel couldn’t move or defend himself. He threw him on the ground of the next cell.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your little girlfriend”, he said.
Sahel knocked at the door with hand fist again and again until all sensation disappeared from his hand. It was morning by then, she had finished yelling out of pain on the other side of the wall and Sahel had felt on his knees crying. He was so helpless that he couldn’t even bear himself anymore.

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