Saturday, June 24, 2017

Vlog #71 Pullip event at Marui Annex and Alice on Wednesday (with video)

Groove has been posting a lot about the store where we can find pullip all over Japan lately and more recently, they talked about a special event at Marui Annexe in Shinjuku. I generally don't go around much to hunt for pullip since a lot of store really have only a few but since this time it was a special event in a large store I decided to go check it out for you.
The event itself was quite small, they had a few customised dolls which actually aren't prototypes for new releases. And they were selling pullip goodies and dolls. The dolls were the most recent one only at full price, they also had the clothes for make it own and shoes also at full price so I didn't get anything there.
Then we went to Alice on Wednesday with is a Alice in wonderland store. I had heard that it was so cute and awesome and I had checked it on google. Basically, I created a different image in my mind which made me a bit disappointed at the lack of the "museum" style part. The store has three floors, on the first floor you have Alice themed food and drinks, then you climb the stairs with mushroom painted on the wall on the way you meet the caterpillar.
The second floor is the jewellery and hair accessory floor with the throne of the queen of heart. Then you take the stairs to the third floor which has paining of roses and Alice art including the face of the Cheshire cat and the third floor is mostly books and cushion and some Mad Hatter decoration.
There wasn't really much places where I could put my dolls to take pictures. I wish I could I have books or cushion to make my pictures more Alice like but anyway that's basically all you can see on the video.
Then Hibarichan got a rabbit hat that's made for cats.

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