Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 124

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“We haven’t seen him, last time I thought he was with you”, Seti answered. He was sitting on a chair in the corner with his arms crossed on his chest. He seemed to have been dozing off a lot, he had some saliva leaking on his chin. He had given up with helping Viorel and Gideon a while ago already, they seemed to be able to communicate with half sentences and that had been killing him all afternoon.
“We almost got it, just wait a little”, Viorel said.
“Sahel is going to die if I don’t find him”, Azazel said.
Viorel started to laugh.
“Sahel need a lot to die”, he said.
“Ask him if you don’t believe me”, Azazel said pointing at the shadow. It was a way for him to clean his hands of what could happen.
“That’s thing can’t be trusted”, Evalynn said.
“Eh! I’m not a thing”, the dark shadow answered sounding offended but Evalynn didn’t give it any attention.
“And why the hell do you keep on running after Sahel like you’re his dog, do you want to marry him or what?” she said, instantaneously biting her lips as if she had said something wrong and Azazel directly picked up on it.
“Are you jealous? Cause I know a way… if you come out with me five minutes…” he started.
“Don’t even bother”, she said turning around not to face him anymore, “I was just a little bored.”
“I can take care of that too”, Azazel continued placing himself closer to her back and passing his hand on her bottom.
She shook her wings as to take away a bad fly.
“No thank you”, she answered.
“Sahel didn’t share what he saw with me, that’s why I’m sure that he is going to die, soon, really soon”, the dark shadow answered.
“I thought you said that you knew that he is doing the same mistake that he has been doing for century because he actually shared his thoughts with you or something that he at least didn’t do with me”, Azazel said turning around. It was not the right moment to get distracted, he had some demons on the louse after this he would definitely need holidays, something like lying on a bed all day without even bothering taking a shower, getting out of bed just to open the door to the pizza delivery guy or to pie and watch a hell lot of human hacked bad TV.
“I eavesdropped” the dark shadow answered as ever with his invisible smirk.
“How can you eavesdrop on thoughts?” Evalynn asked.
“My question exactly”, Azazel said.

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