Monday, May 29, 2017

Doll Review: Minami Alice Tea Party

Today, I'm reviewing Minami Alice Tea Party from the Otogi no Kuni series of excute. 
This Alice is particular because she is part of the Otogi no Kuni series with other dolls from fairy tales instead of coming with the usual Alice in Wonderland characters. 
Then she is an azone store limited doll, without preorder, to get her, I had to go to the store to queue on the day of release and she is also a collaboration with Nico just like the second Snow White Princess Aika. I have a video about Snow White Princess Aika here, with a blog post here as well as a video from when I went to pick them up at the azone store
Alice Minami comes with amazing mint green hair, it's a very rare color at azone and it's even lighter than the hair of Lipu little maid limited of Maya Nostalhic story limited. She also comes with the skin tone and the eyes of the Minami mermaid Blue Lagoon and Gold Pearl. It's a very light skin tone and purplish blue eyes.
She has an outfit in an Alice style with a peach colored dress and a white apron on top. She is really cute. 

Here is the video
And here are some pictures, I had two photo sessions with her since I took the first set of pictures yesterday but a new background arrived today.

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