Friday, May 12, 2017

Azone doll Box Opening and Review: Tick Tock rabbit Himeno

Today, I'm opening the Tick Tock Rabbit Himeno from Azone Classic Alice series.
Azone has made doll from an Alice series over the years. It's not really a series where all their characters comes out on after the others like the otogi no kumi or the witch series. It's more something that has been going on for years. They have an Alice Koron, the Mad hatter Aoto and Yuta, the Tick Tock Rabbit Himeno, the Cheshire Cat Aika, and more recently some Alice Raili. So I'm not really sure if they are making that a series or just random dolls with an Alice in Wonderland theme.
Anyway, I managed to find a cheap Tick Tock Rabbit nad Cheshire Cat so I'm going to review them for you.
This Himeno is the version with a little smile. She is wearing a dress and an apron but she also has rabbit ears and gloves and a little rounded tail. She also comes with a pair on niah niah hands which makes it easier to put the gloves on.
I like her Black and white theme with the red hair and shoes.

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