Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 121

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
I'm sorry I missed it last week but I should be back soon with the normal schedule, enjoy!  
Any other demons, in any other place would have started to negotiate, to ask Torsti what he could give for him to let him get out. Then they would have accepted a little present, either money or a clue about some girls or what not, demons could be really unpredictable in their demands, one time he had been asked to read a love letter which had been send to an illiterate demon. He had had fun distorting every sentences and seeing the other get angry at his girl. But this cave was nothing like the outside world. The demon didn’t answer, just looked straight at him, more with a dissuading look on his face than with a mind open for a little arrangement.
“Nobody gets out”, the demon repeated.
“I know, I know”, Torsti repeated taking his steps back towards him and balancing his hammer so fast that the demon didn’t have time to see it before it blow up his face.

“Seriously who the heck do they think they are”, Torsti said turning around adjusting his hammer on his shoulder while it was still discharging itself of the new energy by emitting lightening in the atmosphere. Torsti let the head of it scratch against the wall’s of the corridor as he walked the stairs toward the outside. He was half way up the stairs when he heard the body of the demon finally fall on the floor. The electricity was finally gone out of it. He imagined that it was Yue’s arrogant head he had just blown out but he knew that it wouldn’t be that easy. He needed a plan and a serious one because he was not going to be helped by his bother this time. For some reasons that he ignored, it seemed to him that Odeon was not behaving like himself. He was way too conscious, way to meticulous and looking for his words before speaking as if he was afraid to offend or to give a bad impression the other demons around. That was pissing him off, they were not to be left in a corner and forgotten. They were not to sit in their room quietly waiting for other people to decide of what they were allowed or not allowed to do. They worth a lot more than that and Torsti knew it. 

He heard a sudden yell being him. It wasn’t really a yell from anything alive. It was more than a cry of liberation from something that should have lost its voice long ago. He turned around to have a look wondering if someone had already met the cadaver of his last victim. But he was too far in the corridor to still see this place. There was only a thick cloud of white smoke coming toward him at all speed and it seemed that the sound was coming from it. He pushed himself to the wall as the smoke went up and he still managed to get in the inside, faces, a multitude of cold and white faces appearing and disappearing in disorder in the cloud, pushing each other and yelling. A cold shiver passed in his back along his spin. They were the prisoners, the one the other demon had been taking his energy from and some of them were some of the demons who had been killed today. He recognized the faces of people he had met in the cave on his first day. One stopped in front of him for a second. 
“Thank you”, it said before being taken away by the escaping cloud.
“What on hell is this place?” Torsti asked out loud after the cloud had finally passed.

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