Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vlog #65 Wedding photos shooting day (with video)

Today was our wedding photo shooting day. As you already know we don't have a wedding party or ceremony or anything like that but we still decided to get the photos taken in traditional clothes: Western style and Japanese style.
We started very early with a photo session in the studio with western style clothes. It was a lot of fun. Ikki's parents and younger sister were there. It was a lot of pausing and a lot of forced smiles. Se took pictures with Ikki's parents who apparently weren't aware that they would have to go on pictures and also with Hibarichan which was too funny for words.
Then I went through another change of hair style. The first hair style took a long time while putting on the dress took a minute. The second hair style was really fast done but putting on the kimono took a really long time and actually required two persons to put it on me. It's very complicated and takes so much layers of clothing that I doubled in size. The kimono was really heavy and it was as hard to breath in it then in the western style corset. I was asked if I was alright every few minutes as if they were expected me to faint but I was fine. It was a really nice experience. We have pretty nice pictures which should be sent to us in a few weeks so I'll make another video to show them to you.

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