Monday, April 3, 2017

Nendoroid: Yuki Miku Owl ver. Opening and Review (with video)

In the last video, I introduced and reviewed my figma figure (doll) Yuki Miku Owl ver. from 2016 and said that I wanted to have both the nendoroid and the figma version. Today, I'm reunited them by opening the nendoroid version.
I got this nendoroid from yahoo auction, the box was a little bit damage but unopened. I actually already checked the nendoroid because we had to write a review for the seller and she was just perfect.
When you open the box (which is rather big actually) you can see all the little pieces and accessories she comes with. This little one is very different than my previous Yuki Miku twinkle version because she doesn't come with extra arms and extra lower body but instead her arms and legs are articulated which gives her a larger range of motion, super cool for the pictures. She comes with a knitted owl beany, skies, a snow board, her friend the rabbit Yukine with two different bodies, extra hands, a scarf, extra faces, snow, a stand...
She is really super cool, I totally love her.
She also comes with a really nice snow landscape back ground that I used for the pictures.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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