Monday, April 24, 2017

I♥doll: Atelier Momoni interview (with video)

This video is a bit special because it's my first interview. I reached out to Lola on here facebook page and asked her if we could meet at the I-doll 49. She said yes and agreed to have a small video taken. At first I didn't know if that was going to be part of the usual video I make for event or a video on its own but I decided to have this special Momoni doll video.
The photos presented were taken from her booth at the I-doll event. She was selling clothes and dolls. She had been making clothes for a long time and started making dolls because she wanted to turn her illustration into dolls and wasn't satisfied with the doll you can find in the market.
Momoni dolls are really precious fantastic bjds. They are super cute with a nice sweet smile, offer a really wide ranges of motion and are very posable. They are created with a special technique which leaves them seam less. I was really impressed and I got to take one in my hand. Lola offers four different types of dolls ranging from 16cm to 40cm, in a large variety of skin tone.

Here is where you can find your dream doll:
Atelier Momoni+ on facebook
Atelier Monomi fan group
Atelier Momoni's web site.
Atelier Momoni on instagram.

Here is the video

and here are some pictures

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