Saturday, April 8, 2017

Azone Store: Maya Meow Meow, Cinderella Pullip and Nico Expo (with video)

Today I went to the azone store to get the limited version of Maya Meow Meow a la mode. I ordered the regular version on amiami so she should be coming home soon.
The Maya Meow Meow a la mode were supposed to come out at the end of March but were delayed. It happens often with azone dolls, they are not delayed by a lot but they generally by a few days or a week. I was really impatient to get this doll so when I saw the twit, I jumped in my trousers to go and get her.
At the azone store they had a few changes in the usual display and they are also having the Nico expo since the two excute collaboration dolls with Nico for their work commemoration are coming out on the 15th. So I also took some pictures of that.
And of course, as promised, I took some pictures of the new pullip Cinderella and the Isul from Touken ranbu.

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