Friday, April 14, 2017

Azone doll Box opening and Review: Maya Meow Meow a la mode regular ver. (with video)

Today, I'm opening the super cute brand new Maya Abyssinian cat regular version freshly arrived from amiami.
This Maya is my fourth doll from the Meow Meow a la mode series. The concept of this series is the cat so each pair of dolls represents a different sort of cat. In the case of Maya, they are Abyssinian cats. I like this doll because I really like Maya, I think she is my favorite Sahra's a la mode girl and I also like the short hair style on her.
She comes with a lot of cat related stuff, like the ears and a magnetic tail, a T-shirt with a huge Cat and Meow printed at the front, a summer dress, a jacket with a cat pawn on it, knee high socks with cat ears and green shoes with a cat face at the front. She is also has a w-shaped mouth which is what azone use on their animal dolls and it's pretty unique in the sahra's a la mode dolls as she is the first with that expression.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures.

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