Monday, April 10, 2017

Azone doll Box opening and Review: Maya Meow Meow a la mode (with video)

As I went to pick up Maya Meow Meow a la mode limited version at the azone store two days ago, I thought it was a good idea to open her straight away and have a little review.
Amiami actually sent the invoices today so the regular version should arrive really soon.
this Maya is part of the series Meow Meow a la mode where the dolls are actually wearing cat related outfits. They come with cat ears, a magnetic cat tail and special cat hands.
I really like this maya because on top of being a cat, she has an hair cat that isn't seen often, the only other doll that I know of with this hair style are Lipu from the first series and the little red ridding hood Koron from the Otogi no Kuni excute series except that in the case of Koron the her were also curled at the end.
she is also dressed in yellow which is not a color we see often in azone dolls I actually don't have any other dolls dress in this color in their original outfits.
She is a really cute cat and I like that she is wearing rather casual clothes compared to the elegant dresses the previous Twinkle a la mode series dolls were wearing. I guess I will be able to have her in different type of settings without redressing her.

Here is the video
And here are some pictures.

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