Friday, March 24, 2017

Sahra Nostalgic Story Collection DS ver., Azone Doll Box Opening and Review (with video)

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This is the first video of the kind since the move so it's pretty exciting. I decided to start reviewing again, since I finished to install all my Azone dolls on their shelves yesterday afternoon as you might have seen on my facebook page.
I'm very happy with the new shelves organisation as I have all my Sahra's a la mode dolls on one shelves for themselves so I can just add more of them there instead of always wondering where to put my new dolls.
Today, I'm reviewing Sahra from the Nostalgic Story Collection series. She is the doll show limited version. I decided to get her because I love her hair color and also because if I ever want them all, the Doll Show limited is definitely going to be one of the harder to get. So it was better to grab her while I could.
She is dressed all in white in a sort of Gothic, medieval dress, top and over skirt. She also comes with an awesome Gothic style background. The Nostalgic story collection is the first Series of Sahra's a la mode made by azone, before the dolls would come out in pair with different style. Back in 2012 when this series was created, there was no Yuzuha yet so despite having 10 dolls, we only have Maya (3), Sahra (2), Alisa (3) and Lycee (2).

 Here is the video:

And here are some pictures:

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