Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Doll Show 49 in Asakusa (with video)

Today was the Dolll Show 49. Once again they changed the location and put it in Asakusa instead of Ikebukuro. This is sort of nice for me since it's only about 30 minutes away from where I now live.
The doll show was pretty big since instead of the usual two floors, it was help on fourth floor, the last floor being for putting your own doll like a doll meeting and have some food. It was the first time they actually had ood present normally you would have to go out to eat something.
Strangely, there weren't many big company represented. Actually Groove and Cu-poche generally show up but they weren't around this time.
Azone had their usual announcement, they presented the new character azone 50cm, the new Alisa and Lycee Meow Meow a la mode which all have a sort of purplish color involved. Then they finally introduced Aoto and Yuta Otogi no Kuni which I have been waiting for for so long. They also have a new Snow White and a new Alice tea party doll in this series. I'm thinking that I might need to get them both so I'm not very sure. Then there is the new Adventure Steampunk collection doll, which are coming out in April and May. This is pretty exciting. I'll probably have some comparison pictures as they apparently made changes on their faces since the last announcement.
I went a bit over board with taking pictures with 428 in total so this video is pretty long. I'm giving my impression at the end if you want to skip parts.
Anyway guys, enjoy the pretty dolls!


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