Friday, March 10, 2017

Complete Doll Collection: Tour de Shelves (March 2017) (with video)

Today, I'm giving you a tour of my shelves. The big idea was to make this video only after opening all the boxes and tiding up things. I will be moving really soon, so I can't possibly open all the box and fix everything just to pack them up again. Instead, I wanted to have a sort of memory of the place as it is now. That way this video can serve as a "before" and when I'm done installing everything in my new place we'll have an "after".
So today in this video, you'll see, what's basically around me, work in progress, unopened dolls, the excute otogi no kuni shelve, the steampunk/old style shelve, the kikipop and sahra's a la mode shelves, the vocaloid/bjd shelve, the recently open doll shelve including the grail dolls, the lil'fairy table, the Alice's shelves and fairy tales dolls with vampires, the anime shelves and the rest of the dolls I guess. Oh and my MIO obviously.
That's basically it and that's quite a lot so enjoy the ride!

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  1. I love your collection! All those amazing mermaids, kikipops, and fabulous Pullips! I hope to get Henri someday! Lovely!

    1. Thank you! Henri was really hard to get, if you find her better to grab her as soon as possible.