Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sample Doll Opening and Review: Anne Shirley of Green Gables (with video)

Hi guys and welcome to the last sample doll review video from the doll I've got at the last doll show. (I still have one from July but I need more time for him.)

Today, I'm reviewing Anne of Green Gable. I always love the story as a kid so I thought that I needed the doll when I discovered that there was actually a pullip version. I also have the Sera of Green and Blue Gable from azone which I'll probably talk about in a different video.

Anne is originally an older pullip but this version is the regeneration that was made back in 2012. Her official name is actually Regeneration Anne. Because she is an older version, she also have an older version of face up with very little blushing and well defined contours around the eyes with no blending and the dots freckles. I think the only other pullip with dot freckles is Meg but they are less visible and the new freckles version is Naoko and they are really subtle and blended.
Pullip Anne comes with the traditional looking outfit of Anne of Green Gable with the hat and the luggage she used to carry around.
I think she totally nails the character.

Her quote: Like the eternal heroine ”Anne of Green Gables”, I want to be surrounded by nature and immerse in my favorite imaginations… Feel Like So.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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