Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 109

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

Yue had stood with the other looking at him as if it was a curiosity. He had never seen a demon so mutilated, he had never seen a demon with such wings. He was sure that it wasn’t from birth because such a child would never have survived his first year.
“Now Kion, tell us about the future”, one of the three demons said from his throne. It wasn’t the one who had gone to pick the boys up. It was the one with the long hair and glasses.
The boy stopped balancing himself suddenly.
“You will die”, he said and he started to laugh. “And you, and you and you”, he continued pointing at divers demons across the room.
He seemed to Yue that he was pointing at them in a particular order that he couldn’t define, that was only visible to this Kion.
One of the demon pointed at tried to rush on Kion but Torsti stopped it.
“Tss tss tss, that’s rather interesting, you survived the god war we just had just to die for something else, don’t you want to know where and when and who is going to kill you”, he asked.
The demon stopped looking as if he was thinking, which was putting a rather stupid expression on his face. Yue wondered how he had survived when someone as smart as Davon had died and what kind of god he was.
“How are we going to die? You little shit”, the demon said spitting is words out at Kion.
“Very painfully, the black fire will be born again when it realizes its mistake and it will try to take away all the pain the hunters had created for him. When the black fire encounter the red fire, everything in this world will change”, Kion answered.
“That’s bullshit, that doesn’t make any sense, what is that black fire and what is that red fire”, the demon answered walking toward Kion menacingly.
Kion didn’t move, Yue was amazed by his self control, he wondered if it was due to his depleted wings, he must have already suffered so much that he wasn’t caring about any pain anymore.

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