Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 106

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“You are my savior, I’ll tell you everything, just don’t let him touch me again, it’s too much pain, too much pain”, she said lowering herself even more clenching at his robe.
Sahel’s other self looked away with a taste of disgust in his mouth. Brownie had just sacrificed herself for him.
“Lock him up in his room” the priest said. “I’ll take care of this one first.”

Sahel woke up on the ground of a forest, it was cold and it seemed to be the middle of the night, it was dark and the air was humid and filled with a heavy perfume of pine. He passed his hand in his heavy long hair and removed some of the pine needles entangled in it. As his other self stood up, Sahel closed his eyes, trying to see what had happened to the other Brownie, to his other self but all he could remember was fear and pain, deep in his flesh. He opened his eyes again. He was running as if trying to escape something. He wondered how he could go from sleeping on the forest ground to running like that as if his life was depending on it. He was breathing heavily. Once again he was human, human and weak as if he hadn’t eaten anything for days. He ran straight in front of him, jmping on the roots of the trees turning around their trunks, pushing the branches and twigs. He was in a hurry. As his other self ran, Sahel remembered his memory and his knowledge, all of it. Something terrible had happened, the girls, they were in the glare, they were doing what they always did, they were happy but the ugly man had arrived and he had taken them away. he stopped suddenly in front of a hut, it was a very small house made of stones and wood pieces, it seemed a miracle for it to be standing. The roof was also made of branches and dried leafs and reeds. There was some light going out from the window. Sahel’s other self took a very deep breath and ran toward the house, he pushed the door violently making the roof shake, some of the leafs felt on the floor. An old grandmother was knitting, sitting near the fire on the top of which a heavy black cauldron was boiling a sweet smelling green soup.
“They took the girls”, he said.

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