Friday, January 6, 2017

Vlog #59 Doll hunting in Akihabara and Western side of the Imperial Palace

Disclaimer: If you want to watch the tour of the imperial palace only, I will be uploading a video with only that part of the day.
If you only want to look for the doll part, I will be uploading a video with only the doll hunt and extra pictures of the azone store.

As I was going on a trip yesterday, I took the opportunity to go on a doll hunt before taking my bus.
The plan for the day was to check out the Groove Lucky bag in Akihabara as it seemed that there were more couples of dolls than expected. When I arrived there and checked the bags, I noticed that there were about three dolls I didn't have but none of them were paired together and I didn't want to buy a doll I already have so I just gave up on that.
Though, I found a wig for my new bjd who should be coming home in the next few months.
Then I decided to go to my "secret" store to check on the Yuzuha Lapis Lazuli limited version from the Twinkle a la mode series. When I arrived, the floor where they normally have the dolls (azone and pullip) was closed so I decided to check out the other floors, just in case. Most of the floors had only figures. When I was about to give up however, I just turned my head to check the other side of the shelves and BAM, they were there, Azone dolls. So I asked the clerk and grabbed my Limited Yuzuha. Now I have 9 out of the 10 dolls in this series and I only need to find the Yuzuha not limited.
So I continued to mandarake where I checked the azone dolls, there were some that I liked but it bothered me a bit that a lot of them were missing shoes. They also had a nice amount of pullips. Still I couldn't find the last yuzuha.
I also went to amiami. They had nice clothes at a reduce price but then I already had a lot of clothes for this month so I didn't get anything. Still no Yuzuha but I guess she will show up eventually, they always do.

Then I walked to the Tokyo station and on the way I saw that the Imperial Palace was open to the public so I went there to show you guys what it looks like from the inside, though it was only the West side.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

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