Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year dolls and Lucky Bags from the Azone store (with video)

Happy new year everyone.
This year again, Azone was doing the lucky bag at their store in the 1st of January. The store opened at 10am for the lucky bag only and then at 11am for the regular shopping.
The lucky bag was just a grab and go thing so I didn't have time to take pictures at all of the dolls in there.
In this video, I'm opening all my lucky bags for you. It turned out that it was one of each kind allowed by person so I got two azone 50cm bags and two pureneemo bags, because my boyfriend was with me. I was very lucky because I didn't get the same items in both bags.
The only thing that I'm a bit disappointed about is that the two Sahra's a la mode doll that I got were dolls that I already have so I'll probably sell them at some point.
I got really nice outfits for my dolls and two excute Lien and Miu which I probably would never have bought it it wasn't for the event.
I also had a lot of nice outfit for Amane, with a few double that I might sell later on too.

I also got the two happy new year 2017 dolls. Neily and Yuzuha. I like that Neily is a little rooster, with one of my doll dressed as sheep, that gives me the start of a lil'fairy zoo. I hope they'll have new animal outfits later.
I also like the buy the New Year dolls in Yukata because Yukata are generally expensive so that's a normal price doll with an expensive outfit.
I dressed Amane in out of the outfit I got for her. She is my most spoiled doll. I have so many azone 50cm clothes now and just the one doll.

Here are some pictures

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