Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vlog #49 New Deliveries: pokemon go and kikipop (with video)

A few new deliveries came. My boyfriend woke up super early to order the pokemon go plus device online because he is a bit crazy. Though it was sold out really fast. Mine arrived first and his arrived a day later. I can't show you the device because he was out catching pokemon when I filmed this video.
Then I also got some super cool gloves that will allow me to use my ipad and iphone when outside this winter. It's going to be super efficient when I need to take the train because I'm always reading and it can get really cold.
And then of course, the RouRou Panda Kikipop arrived. After wondering if they were coming at all, they were finally delivered. Funny thing, my boyfriend rushed to get the packet thinking it was his pokemon go plus, haha, he never wake up for delivery.

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