Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Taster 122: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
We start right where we left off last week.
Now I never had alcohol before, I never even been in a place with any alcohol allowed except at my mother's brother once after he had a party. I knew of alcohol though, from the kids at school, just I never was invited to the parties not that my mother would have let me go anyways. So this was my first. I tried to see how I felt with the little bit I had drunk so far. I felt normal. I had heard that punch was traitorous that it would be ok for a while then come crash at me or something. I was already half expecting to be sick. Amy was already at her second glass. She leaned toward me again.
"We are waiting for Jimmy and when he arrives we can go to the party," she yelled in my ear.
"Who is Jimmy?" I asked.
"I have no idea." She answered giggling before moving her head to the music again.
I took another sip from my glass cautiously and then a larger one.
"I was afraid you didn't like it," Tamara yelled at me.
"It's good," I said.
It was true, it was good but I couldn't push away the thought that I couldn't get drunk, not tonight, not surrounded by people I didn't know, not in this weird place. I couldn't help to think about what it would do to my black out. I needed to know what it was and how it would affect me. I didn't think I could get drunk with half a glass. Amy didn't seem to be drunk and she was starting on her third glass. Tamara was drinking something that looked transparent like water but I knew it wasn't from the viscosity, I wonder who was going to drive and that scared me again a bit more. I was definitely going to take the bus. I took one more sip getting more appreciative looks from people around. I didn't care, I should have brought a water bottle I was so thirsty. The alcohol seemed to be helping me relax and I wasn't sure it was a good thing. I couldn't wait for Jimmy to arrive to get out of here.
"Jimmy!" One of the guy yelled so loud that a lot of people turned to him before turning to the direction he was gazing at.

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  1. I see you are coming right along with her. Very nice excerpt. ~MW