Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NaNoWriMo 25th to 28th Day log: Not writing and environment (with video)

Welcome to a new NaNoWriMo update. This one is a bit of a sad update as I have almost now written at all since the previous update and it has been 4 days. Bad bad little me, I really trying super hard not to hate myself about it right now.

So here are some reasons why I haven't written anything. First I was out of town, so before going out of town I needed to "fix" my place. I have this tendency of using trip as deadline for doing big things I was putting of and of course I had to do it all at once and at the last minute so I started moving the furniture around the day before leaving. Of course, my house looks way better, I have better access to my dolls. My boyfriend even think I can really get an extra doll shelf but I hurt my back in the process and I was in so much pain by the end of the day that I couldn't do anything.
I was still feeling bad the next day but I needed to go to the azone store to get the Minami mermaids new versions. If you haven't seen that and are interested, check the last trip to the azone store video here and the vlog for that day here.
I think it will be self explanatory. I spent the all day out before taking the bus for out of town.

Then the rest of the weekend when all my American friends were having a Turkey day, I was at my boyfriend's parent having Japanese food and playing with dogs.  So I didn't do much writing.
The thing is, I had planned on doing a lot of things over there and on getting a lot of videos recorded but it didn't work that way. I gave up on making the doll videos when it took the all night to upload the vlogs and I think the environment wasn't really my writing cup of tea.

For my writing I need a sort of familiar environment so that I can get the creative just flow and it just didn't happen over the weekend. I was just interrupted every time I started writing. My concentration is really getting low with unusual noise happening as I am a super jumpy person. Anyway, the big idea here is, if you don't have a particular writing environment that works for you and you have trouble getting the words out, maybe it would be a good idea to create a writing space and habit that always make the words flow. I know I'm back in mine, considering how much I just wrote in this blog post. 


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  1. No writing for four days? That's nothing! Between trips and illness and ennui, I haven't written since early October. It's been years since I had such a long drought. Anyway, congratulations on doing so well during NaNo.