Monday, November 7, 2016

Kikipop Box Opening and Review: Rourou Panda Asian Brown (with video)

As promised here is the review of my new Azone Kikipop doll, The Rourou panda collaboration doll: Asian Brown.
This version of Kikipop changes a lot from the previous version especially because of the hair cut. This time around, Kiki's hair is very short at the back and she has two little bun in a traditional Chinese style.
She also wear a rather Chinese looking outfit in the shape of the top with a lot of panda printed in the fabric. She is wearing a flower in her hair and a tulle and lace dress. She also has panda printed shoes with a little ribbon to keep them in place finished with a Chinese knot. 
Her eyes are a silvery blue colour or maybe green they seen to change color with the light.

Here are some pictures

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