Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Azone doll Box Opening and Review Sahra Rose Quartz Twinkle a la mode (with video)

Here is a new girl from the Sahra's a la mode, Twinkle a la mode series.
The twinkle a la mode series is composed of ten different dolls, two of each characters comes out at the same time. I already reviewed the regular version of Maya and Alisa in previous video.
The twinkle series is based on stars and gem stone.
This new doll is the Sahra Rose Quartz regular version. There is also a Sahra Rose Quartz limited version, as they come as a duo and I will review her next.
I really like this Sahra because except for the outfit, she is like a mini version of the new Amane The precious ring. She has a really sweet face. I like her pink eyes and her long brown hair. She has a cream color, pink and red outfit with a lot of little stones on it. She looks really precious. 

Here are some pictures


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