Sunday, November 6, 2016

Azone Doll Box Opening and Review Rose Red (Excute Otogi no Kuni series)

It's time to open my last excute doll (for the moment).
Here is Rose Red. She is the counterpart of Rose White in the series Otogi no Kuni excute. She is a Mio doll so she comes with an impressive large bust for an excute. She is also a bit taller than the average doll.
Rose Red is the red version of the duo, she has golden brown hair and half closed green eyes. She is wearing a red tartan outfit with a white apron and a beige coat on her shoulders. She also comes with a red tartan colored teddy bear which is really cute.
I'm happy to have her because she complete my excute otogi no kuni series. There are still two more dolls that I know of but there is a possibility for a lot more seeing that the excute family also recently increased by two new characters.

See White Rose's video here.
Here are some pictures.

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