Sunday, October 16, 2016

WeWriWar 177: Rainbow catcher

Welcome to a new excerpt of Rainbow Catcher for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday

Now let's go back to our story.

Summary of previous episodes: Clarissa is coughing and wanted to watch Everett Cooper on TV but Jason refused, she is due to get her rainbow the next day but she seems scared, to make her feel better Jason leave the TV on. Clarissa tried to explain about rainbows, she is a big fan of Everett Cooper but Jason is not too sure about it. Clarissa complained about her dialophone but Jason needs to go to work. Before completely leaving he is thinking about getting her her rainbow. We flashed back to the meeting Jason had with a rainbow seller at the black market. Jason left Clarissa's room to go to work. Jason was talking to his boss about the rainbow coming the next day. Jason prepared the money for the rainbow in a sport bag and went to the hospital. The rainbow seller arrived for the delivery. But it was a scam and Jason prepares to go get the rainbow himself in the desert. Markus has a last surprise for him.
We start just where we left off last week.

Obviously, she asked for Jason and doctor Marshall was angry at the social services for separating them. Doctor Marshall was a good person. He took into account every aspect of his patient life that could affect their health. So they let Jason go, they provided the house close to the hospital, but he had to work to pay the rent. When you are fourteen it’s really difficult to find people to trust you with a job. The first one was Markus.

At first, Jason had worked day and night in the garage, until he actually found a better day time job. He paid for the rent, skipped a lot of meal and saved all the money he could to get a rainbow for Clarissa.

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  1. So it seems he's been working for a long time to get Clarissa her rainbow. I hadn't realized his efforts went back so far.

  2. He's a loyal brother and worked long hours to help her.

  3. The two of them have been through so much. I'm glad Dr. Marshall advocated for them to be able to be together.

  4. What a faithful brother. Dr Marshall sounds very compassionate.

  5. Loyalty is something to be cherished.

  6. So very sweet to work so hard to help provide her with a rainbow.

  7. Gods this kid has really sacrificed a lot for her. So, so loyal. Clarissa is lucky to have him as a brother.

  8. He's working so hard for her. Wonderful loyalty