Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 93

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“It doesn’t matter, we don’t need her anyway”, Seti answered. Azazel was going out of the room to go get her when she burst into him high speed, breathing heavily, and all sweating.
“There… is… this.. thing.. it looks like a boy but… but… but…” she didn’t have time to finish, Yobi burst in the room with a bottle of blue paint, laughing like crazy.
“What on Earth…” Viorel started menacing but Yobi became totally invisible.
“You want me to take care of him?” Dylan said pushing Daciana aside to stand up.
“Yes, please” Viorel answered going back to his microscope as if nothing was happening.
Dylan was moving fast, way too fast for the eyes to see, he seemed to be glittering in different part of the room, all you could do was feel his passage throw the air he was displacing with his body. He couldn’t see Yobi either, he could only grid the space of the room hoping to collapse with him to make him regain his full appearance.
“Got yah!” Sahel exclaimed suddenly standing up holding the little boy in his arm. Yobi was debating himself relentlessly.
“It’s unfair, I was playing with Dylan, you’re cheating, you’re cheating”, he was repeating again and again his nine tails moving in his back in every directions.
“We don’t have time to play”, Sahel said.
“How come you woke up now”, Azazel said looking at him puzzled, wondering if he didn’t just want a free ride home on demon’s back.
“I have something to do, grab that” he said throwing Yobi into Evalynn’s arm, the bottle of pain exploded against her chest as she sized him as he ran out of the room in a hurry again. Azazel sighed looking at Evalynn with a resigned smile and followed him.
“No”, she yelled “letting go of Yobi who bumped into Viorel making the samplings on the desk fall all around him.
Viorel turned around angrily but Yobi was already running out laughing.
“It’s over, all the samplings are contaminated now”, Seti said.
“Look it’s beautiful, it’s all shining like million stars, it’s carrying the wind of another world, it’s carrying the wind that will change this world” Daciana said dancing in the middle of the mix of sampling that were glittering on the floor.
Viorel bent with a spatula to get some of them and put it under the microscope.
“Gideon have a look at this”, he said.

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