Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trip to the Azone store: Special Taeyang and Dal 10th Anniversary, Ruruko event and Dioramas (with video)

The Groove Dal and Taeyang 10th Anniversary event started in Akihabara's Azone store on the 20th so I we were going out to the Snoopy museum (see Vlog #48) I decided to take the opportunity to stop by and check it out.
The Azone store as usual had their normal doll display, they changed a bit of it since the previous video to accomodate Halloween, the Groove event and the Ruruko event but nothing else.

There is a full wall of pullip, Groove had a lot of older Taeyang and Dal for sale at the store but most of them have been sold out. I wonder if they are going to get more soon.
The Special Anniversary dolls Taeyanf Albireo and Dal Deneb are there for sale too. I didn't get them as I already bought enough dolls for this month.
Don't forget to vote for the photo contest on Groove's official page on facebook. There are four albums where to vote:
If you want to help me in the photo contest leave a like on my Taeyang and Dal pictures:
Dal: "Butterfly landing" and Taeyang: "Taeyang Gyro in Autumn".

Then there was the Ruruko special event as Azone and Ruruko is getting 4 special dolls out really soon. I sort of like the excute but I think I'll prefer to have them in the original detective version.

Also because of the event, Azone had several diorama that could be used to take pictures of your dolls. I had Lipu and Erunoe with me so I just went ahead and put them everywhere on the diorama for a photo session.

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