Saturday, October 29, 2016

Special Rourou Kikipop event

So today, I went to the Rourou Kikipop event. It was really cool.
It was rather small but there were very cute kikis there and the people from Rourou and Azone were really nice.
You could buy all the old outfit from azone kikipop and the new Rourou panda kikipop release. There was also a place to take picture of your kikis but as I didn't have mine with me I couldn't take pictures.
Then as I was waiting for a friend for so long, people started talking to me and the president of Azone put some dolls on the photo display for me to take pictures of them, that was so cool.
Maybe tomorrow I'll go back with some of my dolls to be able to take pictures of them.
As I said I don't have my Rourou panda kikipop yet but they must be on the way by now.

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