Thursday, October 20, 2016

Special Halloween Sample doll Opening and Review: Dal Lyla

It's time for a new special Halloween video.
This time I have a Ghost for you!
Dal Lyla is also part of the Mansion of the Immortal series with Isul Vermelho who got his own video earlier, Pullip Wilhelmina and Taeyang Valco.
Dal Lyla is the ghost of the mansion. She has a really pale skin tone and pale blond hair if you go paler it probably turns white. She has a really grey face up, especially around her eyes.
She is wearing a pretty dress and she could probably pass for a vampire if she tried.
She was supposed to be released with a second ghost outfit more like a white fasten bed sheet but this outfit was never released, you can still see it on the official pictures though.

Her quote is: When people see me, they become surprised and run away. Don’t run away!! I’m lonely!!
(I won't run away baby. ;) )

And here are some pictures:

And this is the unreleased outfit that would have been so cool to have.

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