Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Dal Loa (with video)

This Dal Loa is a sample doll who I got from the sample doll sale at the groove headquarter. She is part of the Roccoco series unfortunately, this series didn't come out quite as expected. In this video you can see the 6 dolls they created as prototypes. Only two of them came out, Dal Loa and Pullip Io and they were completely altered. Those dolls looks absolutely amazing so it's really a shame not to have them released for the public.

My Dal Loa is my only doll from this series as I have been looking for Io for ever but never managed to get her so far. She is a true little bird with her yellow feathers and her dress with a sort of bird tail at the back.

About the final music (from https://musopen.org ):  Menuet antique is a piece for solo piano by Maurice Ravel. The original piano version was written in 1895 and orchestrated by the composer in 1929. Ravel wrote the piece to pay tribute to Emmanuel Chabrier, who had helped to establish his musical reputation. The work premiered in 1898 in its piano version and only in 1930 as an orchestral piece.
This version of the piece bellow to the public domain under creative common denomination. It can be found here and used for free.


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