Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dolly Vlog Hop # 13: What are your top dolls? (with video)

This is video number 13 of the Dolly Vlog Hop. This week's question is from Candy Candy on youtube: 

What is your top 10 pullips, top 3 Isuls and top 3 Taeyang...?and why? (can be your top try bjd or top monster high or whatever you are into. ;) )

In this video, I present some randomly selected top 10 pullips, top 3 Taeyang, top 3 Dal and top 3 Isul. If you ask me next week, the result might be different as I'm really bad at choosing.
I give a little story about each doll, like how I got her and why she is important for me. 

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