Sunday, August 21, 2016

Vlog #1: On the danger of doll making and eye "surgery"

I've been wanting to do some vlogging for a while. I might or not be doll related. I don't really have a concept yet but seeing what happened yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to start today.

I managed to get something stuck in my cornea. For those of you who don't know what a cornea is, it's the clear film that you have on top on your eye to protect it. The most sensitive part of the cornea is the one over the pupil and that's where I got what I believe to be a particle powder of dry pastel stuck.
I tried to rinse my eyes and rub it to get the particle out but nothing would make it move and it was very painful. Like if you want to imagine the pain, it was like when you go to the swimming pool and you don't have googles and they put so much chlorine that your eyes get super sore and dry, then imagine a paper cut on your finger but put it inside of your eye. That's how bad it was yesterday and it's still sort of like that now, it's just hard to look fixedly at something.

So we went to the hospital but the first hospital couldn't do anything to remove the white thing from my eye and we had to go to a second one. Then my eye was anesthetized and the doctor cleaned it up with some tools removing the white particle from my cornea. Now my eye is going to be sore for a while until the cornea heal itself.

If I have an advice for all of you out there who are going to start making some dolls and using dry pastel as a powder like I do, it's to please wear glasses at all time, because those things are so volatile and if they stay stuck in your eyes it can be damaging.

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