Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Pullip Varele (with video)

Pullip Varele is one of the two doll from the Doll Carnival Twin Model series. She is the white, gold, black and purple version while her sister is in green and red. They were pre-released at Happy World Event in 2013 and sold online later on.

She comes with some hair extensions, a hat, a scepter and hands different that the usual pullip's hand allowing her to grab into her scepter and carry it around. I think those hands are really cool and I wish they were available as a set to buy separately for my other pullip dolls to use.
I really like Varele's candy look as she is a carnival doll, she seem to have spend some times in the candy section because her lips are so pink. Her outfit however is more the carousel type with the sort of pony or unicorn drawn on her outfit. I like the fact that her dress seem to be turning around her as well.
She also has amazing golden green eyes with a little star on them, and her pale grey hair totally suit her complete look.

Her quote is: Take my hand and let’s dance… Today is a Carnival all day… Around and Around to rondo… Feel Like So.

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