Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Isul Steampunk Rabbit (with video)

It's finally time to open my Isul Steampunk Rabbit. This one is a real cutie. Sorry if the video is a lot of me rambling about how cutie and awesome he is. I have a thing for steampunk that can't be helped.
I'm so glad to have him. He was cheap on amazon for a day and i didn't jump on him and he was back to normal price and I beat myself up for it but luckily, I could find him a the Groove Head quarter.

I really like his outfit and I think that it's awesome that he has wired ears because really often the ears of the rabbit doll fall flat and are difficult to make stand up. I also like the fact that if I take his ear hat away, he can perfectly fit in a Sherlock Holmes story.
He has one of the sweetest face up ever and hot milk chocolate brown eyes. 

Now, I just need the Mad Hatter and my series will be complete.


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