Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bjd Doll: Doll Love You You Review and Photo session at the park (with video)

I fall in love with the Doll Love You You bdj and decided to order her about 4 months ago. I ordered her from Alice's collection which sells a lot of dolls from different company and sort of serves as an intermediary.
When I ordered You You, I received an email from them explaining how long I would have to wait to get her because she is made on demand and her outfit was also made on demand.
So I waited about a month for her to be shipped and then she arrived within a week.
She is my second bjd and the first I bought brand new. I wanted to experience opening a brand new doll with everything like the company picture so she came in full set with face up, wig and clothes and shoes.
She is not quite as what she looked like on the pictures but she is very beautiful with a perfect face up and really cute in her sailor style outfit. I'm really happy to have her.
In the future I will probably get a second Yosd doll from Doll Love, I have my eyes on a Yan Yan and I will also order her full set. Though that might take a while as I already have more dolls on the way and still so many to make videos of and to take pictures of.

Here is You You's video 
And here are some pictures.

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