Friday, March 18, 2016

北海道の雪祭り2016 (Snow festivals in Hokkaido 2016) : Sapporo

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First I have to say that I'm very sorry because those travel posts are way over due. I didn't write them straight away because I was short on time and then I just forgot about them until now so they are going to be coming every day at 6pm starting today.

We arrived in Sapporo in the afternoon and went directly to see the snow sculptures. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Of course, the large snow sculpture were there but there wasn't many small sculpture, instead there were a lot of booth for food and goodies. The first time I went to the snow festival there was a lot more sculptures and I guess a lot more snow. We stayed in Sapporo for 4 hours before taking the train to Tobetsu where we were staying having found no cheap hotel closer. The place was nice but not very convenient to move around the island as we did the following days. 

For me, the best sculpture was the one of the attack on Titan. Here are some pictures of it and of part of it for you to see it more in details. Unfortunately, I missed the Dragon Ball sculpture as we went to eat ramen instead of finishing the walk.
They also had a laser show on ice for some event linked to Macau. I took a partial video of it which I might show later or not, I haven't decided yet.

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