Sunday, January 17, 2016

WeWriWar 138: Rainbow Catcher

Welcome to a new excerpt of Rainbow Catcher for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday

Now let's go back to our story.

Summary of previous episodes: Clarissa is coughing and wanted to watch Everett Cooper on TV but Jason refused, she is due to get her rainbow the next day but she seems scared, to make her feel better Jason leave the TV on. Clarissa tried to explain about rainbows, she is a big fan of Everett Cooper but Jason is not too sure about it. Clarissa complained about her dialophone but Jason needs to go to work. Before completely leaving he is thinking about getting her her rainbow. We flashed back to the meeting Jason had with a rainbow seller at the black market. Jason left Clarissa's room to go to work. Jason was talking to his boss about the rainbow coming the next day. Jason prepared the money for the rainbow in a sport bag and went to the hospital. The rainbow seller arrived for the delivery.

We start just where we left off last week.

She approached the case containing her rainbow slowly she could feel the coldness coming from it.
“You have to be careful when refrigerating the rainbow,” Everett Cooper had said. “If your fingers go frozen by the liquid Helium, they would just fall off.”
Clarissa refrained from touching the box looking at her fingers.
The door opened, letting Jason and doctor Marshall enter.
“Where is he?” Jason said.
“He said he needed to go to the toilet,” Clarissa answered.
The doctor came toward the box, putting his thick gloves on.

Answer to last week's comments:

Ed: Plan B is what the rest of the book is about. Hint is in the title.
Teresa: Hum, that sounds like something he would do, doesn't it?
Joyce: Yeah it's not good to be in the same room with him but that was still a bit precipitated. 
PT: Right on! 
Elaine: I think you thought right.
Iris: If I was in his shoes I'll probably feel sick too.
Veronica: That's the problem... as long as he does what he is expected to do...
Amalie: That should totally be the rule.
Karen: You definitely have it all figured out.

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  1. Wow, what a snake. Did he fill the box with liquid nitrogen, or what? I'm wondering what the upswing will be on this story. They have to be learning a valuable lesson--at least one, and maybe a couple of them. Good snippet, Linda!

  2. I don't think I'd touch that box either after the warning she got! Great job on the imaginative details.

    ~Joyce Scarbrough

  3. LOL. Medical gear in your world includes not surgical gloves, but thick, warm ones.

  4. And the suspense builds! Another great snippet...

  5. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm betting that the case is empty...

  6. So he DID leave the rainbow... Huh, I hadn't expected that. Interesting. I wonder what it was about Clarissa that so unnerved him yet.

  7. Yeah, I'm thinking that I would want to keep my fingers as well. :)

  8. I'm afraid for them to open the box for fear something bad is inside.

  9. Very cool... literally, in this case!