Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Cinema: Star Wars episode VII: The Force awakens

I went to see this one at the cinema for Christmas. It will contain spoiler so if you don't want to read spoiler don't read this review.

The story: After the fall of the empire, a new evil arise called the First order. They send soldier to get the mad to Luke Skywalker. General Leia also send her best pilot to get the map on a desert planet. The map is then send in keep of a BB8 unit who met Rei, a scavenger. A defector of the first order named Finn help the pilot escape and crash land on the desert planet where he also met Rei. Together they decide to bring BB8 back home. 

My feelings: This wasn't as great as expected. I think the maker based the movie more on nostalgia than on a great story line. Basically every thing is just enhanced. The use of the force by Kylo Ren is enhanced, he is stronger than every Jedy ever. He can take memory out of people's mind, which nobody tried on Leia before, he can freeze laser shots in mid air, while they used to be at best deflected. He is awesome, but he is still beaten in the end by an untrained girl who just discovered that she had the force. Damn, that sucks for him! 
My main problem with him though is "what's his excuse?" I mean Anakin had a reason to turn bad, but what's Ben's excuse? Leia and Han Solo must have truly suck as parents for their kid to turn THAT bad.
Then there is Rei, everything about her is good. She is nice and righteous and a freaking genius at everything she does. That was too much. She is like a super best version of all the nice characters. She speaks all the languages, knows all the mechanics, can use the force and kiss ass with a light saber... Ben's ass.
When I said that everything was enhanced, even the weapon is enhanced, the death star.... it's BIGGER. I would have never thought of that! 
Everything goes really fast and it seems super easy all the way from getting the BB8 to finding Luke. Just think about Rei's escape. Ben knows that she can use the force but he leaves her alone in the room with only one guard. She is their key to the map but only just one guard! What?! 
Ok, I guess that's about enough. It was a nice movie, it had all the Starwars ingredient but that's maybe the problem with it. It was as if they had taken that history repeat itself too literally. What are the odd that the grand-child of Darth Vader would be the one on the wrong side of the force again, making the same mistakes, hasn't he been warned?


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  1. Excellent points. I didn't hate the movie, but it sure doesn't hold up to examination, such as you've just shown.