Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday Cinema: Sherlock: The abominable bride

This movie is part of the TV series: Sherlock which tells the adventures of Sherlock Holmes in modern times. 

The story: After the end of Season 3, Sherlock is on his way to exile when he kills Magnussen but is called back directly when the face of Moriarty appears all over London asking: "Did you miss me?"
This movie special happens while Sherlock is in the plane. He travels to 1890 to solve the unsolved case of the Abominable Bride. A bride came back from the dead to kill her husband and a lot of men. This helps Sherlock understand why Moriarty isn't dead.

My feelings: This movie was really interesting. The first reason because it transported not only Sherlock's fancy for the Moriarty case but because it places a new enemy in Moriarty's shoes: the bride. This bride carries the revenge on men of all females. This was before female could vote but in Sherlock's dream, men still behave in the same way to female in 2015 than they did in 1890, with all the unfairness and sexism. This movie told Sherlock of his and Watson's own sexist behaviour. Now that he is aware of it, I wonder if he is going to act on it or just concentrate on Moriarty.
The second reason is the mistrust Sherlock is confronted to with his brother. In the mind palace, we see a very fat Mycroft, betting with Sherlock on the time of his death due to food consumption. Mycroft appears a lot more ridicule in Sherlock's mind than he does in reality while the other characters remain unchanged. This shows that even the great Sherlock can be biased. I wonder if he realised it too or if it was meant only for the viewers. I didn't like the part when Mycroft insisted that Sherlock was using cocaine when there was no evidence lying around.

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  1. I saw it two days ago too :) I love it :D and a whole tv series. Can't wait to see the next part :)