Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Taster 79: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.

The Pithy laughed.
"Do you still believe that all these universe couldn't exist without you?"
I felt ashamed of myself. I had imagined the entire multi-universe I was traveling in turning around me and me only.
"What is the purpose of my travel?"
"This is for you to discover as each travel is different." That was even more nonsense.
"Why do my other self call me in their body?"
"They don't call you, you push yourself here," the Pythi answered.
"No way, right now I'm trying desperately not to black out in front of my mother," I said.
The Pithy laughed but for me it wasn't funny at all.
Her laugh still resonated in my ears when the clapping of all the students in the amphitheater took me back to reality.
"See, I told you she was just asleep," my father said as I started to clap at something I didn't know. The old speaker had just finished to sleep.
"I even heard the guy speak in my dreams," I said grinning.
My mother was not a fool, she had more training than anyone with spotting me blacking out but this time she was out of it. She sigh highly and looked at her watch. We still had one hour before the end of the introduction, then I was supposed to get my time table for the classes and possibly the time table for the classes of second and third year if I wanted to hear anything about quantum mechanics. You see before they teach you anything about quantum mechanics, you had to go through all classical mechanics and no matter how much I had studied in high school, there was no way around it. So I had in mind to go spy on the lecture of the more advanced student to try and make up my theory of parallel universe travel which according to the Pithy of Delphi totally sucked so far. That trip might have been nonsensical but it had still shaken all my believes and confirmed two things, my father was like me somehow I had two of them and if they made you suffer to get indirect answers to direct questions it was so that you would reconsidered the question for which you had taken the trip in the first place. Oh, that kid was good but how could a universe be so different, which war hadn't been played to make the world what it was here today. Maybe I should have been studying history. But all in all, somewhere somehow, there was one of me doing the exact thing I had thought about but wasn't doing, this was what having parallel universes was all about making a choice so that somewhere someone was doing the exact opposite thing. This world was ruled by probability a lot more than anyone could be expected. So now what was the probability for me to finish this year and get to second year without my mother interfering.

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  1. She seems to be learning more about the parallel worlds she exits in. She is determined to learn more. But will her mother continue to intervene. Can't wait to see what happens next. I like this journey you are taking us on. You appear to have a lot of experience or knowledge about physics and the experiences she is enduring.

  2. Thanks for sharing your snip. I'm curious what happens next.

  3. She sounds very intelligent. Great taster

  4. Thanks for sharing...Just stopping by to show support and let you know I read your tastey read. You are still doing a great job of giving that pithy a otherwordly voice. :)