Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Taster 78: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
"I can see that you have traveled through many places and times to come here," she said.
I didn't answered, seeing the state of my other self's body, that was stating the obvious.
"I am the Pithy of Delphi, today your questions shall be answered," she said.
She had a cavernous voice that didn't really match her twelve year old face.
So my other self had a question so important that she had climbed whatever mountain this was in horrific conditions to get some answer from a twelve years old playing antiquity games. I for sure would never have expected to arrive here at this particular moment, it sounded unfair to get an answer without working for it when I didn't believe in Greek Gods and she obviously did.
"I understand you reservation," the Pithy said "The other girl in you will also have her answers."
"How do..."
"And before you ask me how I know about you being just a traveler in yourself, just know that I know everything?" the Pithy said.
I looked at her wondering if there was a trick thinking that the sentence might have meant something different but she just laughed at my hesitation.
"All right then," I said, "can you explain me about my travel?"
"Isn't it the goal of your life?" The Pithy answered.
She was going to be cryptic. If I remembered correctly what I studied at school about roman and Greek legends and prediction, she was going to be so cryptic that I might as well just give up, I mean everyone knew how ridiculous was the sphinx story but as I was here and probably stuck until I did what I had to do and because I didn't go through the desert and climbed the mountain for it, I might as well try to confuse myself with her answer.
"Where is my father?"
"The one who gave you flesh and the one who gave you mind are sitting right next to your own flesh," she said.
"But the one who gave me mind is not in his own body," I said.
"This is correct."
"So where is his body?"
"This I cannot tell you," the Pithy said.
"But you know the answer," I said.
"This is correct," she said.
"Then why can't you tell me," I said.
"There are forces in this world that can't be meddled with, if he wants you to find him, you will," the Pithy answered.
"So I can ask you questions about my fate but nothing that would influence other people's fate," I said.
"This is correct," the Pithy answered.
I wondered when she had started to talk like that instead of talking like a normal human being.
"When I became the Truth Sayer of the god Apollo," she answered to my thoughts.
"And you can read mind!"
"I told you that I know everything."
"How can the different universe I travel in be so different if they are created when I am born?" I asked.

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  1. There are many questions to be answered here, for one thing where is the body. Great taster

  2. The pithy has a very otherworldly voice- good job portraying that in the dialogue.