Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday Taster 77: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
"It was crowded," I answered. "Really?" "I didn't faint if that's what you mean, why do you have to make a big deal of everything I do?"
She didn't have time to answer, the light flickered to let the higher half part of the amphitheater in semi-darkness and someone hit on a microphone at the bottom. I turned my attention to him, digging my hole in my sit to hid from my mother's watch. It was easier to black out when I was resting, especially when the lights went down, especially at school during monologues classes or when the teachers were showing us video, and that's what they intended to do first, show us a movie of the history of the university to show us all the bright people who had studied here and tell us that we were just like us. I yawned and dosed of and kept on catching myself. My mother was throwing my strange looks from time to time. She didn't care a bit what was happening in front of her, all she cared was to see me black out. It would be a lie to say that I was seeing it coming but I could feel sleep coming at least.
"Just sleep," my father whispered.
"Are you crazy? Is that how you encourage her to study?" my mother said.
That was so ironic when she was the one who didn't want me here is the first place.
"It's after lunch, digestion is kicking in, it's dark, she keeps on dosing of, no matter what the lecture is about, it's better to fall asleep for few minutes when you are unable to concentrate then your refreshed when you wake up and you can learn something. If you fight it you just waste the complete lecture," he answered.
It sounded like a good idea. If I was asleep and my mother believed I was without being able to shake me out of sleep because she was three sits away, I might as well black out unnoticed just in front of her nose.
I didn't have time to hear her answered, a round of applause shook me out of my thoughts. Next was a old graduate explaining how physics was so important and how it was essential in this university because people like us were going to change the world. That sounded great but I wasn't sure how much my personal project could change the world. I was dosing of again this time I didn't fight it. The last thing I saw was the desk in front of me as my father took my head to place it on his shoulder.

I blinked three times thinking that I was dreaming but the girl was really floating in front of my with her white dress and long blonde hair turning around her like pushed by a wind I couldn't feel.
I looked around, we were alone in what seemed to be a desert. I was wearing sandals and the hot sand burned my feet, it seemed that my face and arms were covered with sunburns. I didn't know who was my other self, but she had to go through a great deal to reach this place. The other girl finally landed on a large flat rock that seemed to have been made out of sand pieces glued together. Her skin was as white as milk and her eyes light blue with a circle of gold in the middle. She was looking straight at me without blinking and it was a bit disturbing.

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