Monday, January 18, 2016

Doll Show 45 Winter!

Yesterday, I went to the Doll Show 45 Winter. It was the first doll show in Ikebukuro. I think it's nice that it's close to a big center because that gave a choice of activities and restaurants after the doll show. 

The first thing I did was to go to the Azone booth and queue to get Alisa. I was the only person queueing with no items in hand and that might have looked suspiscious because a guy came to talk to me with a ticket and Alisa on it. This was the last ticket and I needed it if I wanted Alisa. I was like Ok, but he didn't seem to understand me so another guy came over and tried and mix of Japanese English that didn't go much better. I mean they didn't understand me in Japanese or in English. In the end, the new guy just took the ticket from the first guy and gave it to me. And off I went to get my Alisa.  My ticket was nuber 74 and I got the very last Alisa. The girl at the counter had trouble to find her so the first guy came to the rescue. That was intense and fun.

Now I have both, just like in the picture. They always look so cute together.
Then I checked out some of the azone clothes. I really should have bought some because they were a lot cheaper than usual but I didn't. The thing is I had planned on buying the little prince Isul at the Azone Store afterwards. Except he wasn't there but I got a lucky bag instead, so two dolls for the price of one. Anyway, that's another story. 
The Sunshine building in Ikebukuro has a very large room so the doll show was on one floor instead of 4. I'm not sure if it was much smaller or the same size but it was definitely crowed and it was more difficult to move around. There were some of the usual company missing, like the guy who makes the steampunk stuff and Groove. I was really disappointed by Groove not being there because I really wanted to see the new dolls in the Alice in Steampunk World series. I'll see them when they are out I guess.
Here are some pictures of the doll show. Enjoy!

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